2015 ➡️ 2021.

Bukod sa Model M na naka-display lang sa shelf ko, Ducky One 2 na lang ‘yung natira (cream and green keycaps).

This hobby has seen a lot of trends from the Tada68s to the Anne Pros to RKs to the GMMK Pros. From thick bezels to thin bezels then back to thick ones again. From Cherrys to Gaterons to Outemus to GHPs to Bobas. From o-rings to lubings to stabilizer tunings. From RGBs to under glows. From aluminum to acrylic cases. From brass to polycarbonate plates. From micro USB to USB C to coiled cables. From TaoBaos to GMKs to artisans. From pre-builts to hotswaps to soldered ones. From macro pads to rotary knobs. From meeting people through to buy keycaps to toxic members and power tripping admins. 👀

I’ve recently purchased probably my last keyboard for a long time — something I could say that is on the end game tier. It is hella nice (I sure do hope so because it cost me a fortune) but then again, my Ducky One 2 works just as fine as this one.

At the end of the day, the best keyboard is the one in front of you. ⌨️