KBD75. December 2020 (Paranaque)

This was the first keyboard that I assembled myself. My favorite part was soldering the switches to the PCB. It was therapeutic. Some prominent features of this keyboard:

  • ISO enter: I prefer having the L-shaped key
  • Stepped Caps-Lock: they say the reason for the conception of this design is to avoid hitting the letter A whenever you press Caps-Lock. I just find it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Underglow indicator for Caps-Lock toggle: the LED turns red when the Caps-Lock is on. I had to “code” this myself as this feature is not natively supported by the PCB.

The keyboards shown in Collection 1 below (starting from the middle top, then going left to right):

  • HHKB Professional 2
  • Tada68
  • IBM Model M
  • Ducky Mini
  • Varmilo VA87
  • Ducky One 2
  • Leopold FC660C
  • Vortex Race 3

I have since trimmed them down to five, as shown in Collection 2 (starting from the top, then going left to right):

  • Ducky One 2 (the same as above)
  • KBD75 (the same as above)
  • GMMK Pro
  • Iris Split Keyboard
  • grid650
Collection 1
Collection 2